Daniel Johnson

Partner/Co-Founder of VENZA

Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson is a VENZA Partner and Co-Founder and board member for Cybertek, MSSP. His function revolves around developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining VENZA’s strategic initiatives. His aim is to transform fluid considerations into crystallized forms. Daniel earned his MSc. from the University of Bristol, England. Before co-founding VENZA, Daniel founded and ran Music for Charities, a tech-based engine built to promote independent music and raise money for non-profit organizations. He was also the Director of Training Delivery at American Systems. Daniel is honored to co-chair the HTNG GDPR Work Group as well as be a member of the HFTP GDPR-HDPO Task Force.
Insights by Daniel Johnson (2)

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The path toward leadership is the road less traveled. Not because there aren’t countless individuals eager and well-equipped to walk it, but because it’s a path that cannot be walked alone. Sure, great ideas help.

Why the Hospitality "Skills Gap" Has Become a "Skills Chasm" Due to COVID-19

Just as you can't "pour from an empty cup," hotels can't provide great service without the help of great staff - hospitality professionals know this to be unequivocally true. Hospitality is, in many ways, defined by its providers.