Niki Van den Broeck

Head of Business Development - Get Into MoRe

Niki Van den BroeckNiki is heading Business Development at Get Into MoRe, the N°1 Business Intelligence tool for Meetings & Events. She was the company’s first hire back when the company was founded and is known for her out of the box ideas and overall enthusiasm about all things data and technology related. She’s a strong advocate for total revenue management, data-driven decision making and Meetings & Events optimisation. She’s happy to challenge the status quo when given the opportunity. Niki holds a Hotel Management degree and started her career in F&B management. She’s the unofficial ambassador of the city of Antwerp, Belgium and will not leave an opportunity untouched to talk about how this place manages to deliver New York city attitude in a small package... Did she just do it again!?
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What are the best technology solutions for optimizing revenue?

Our industry is experiencing a technological (r)evolution. The rise of AI, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning will reshape the role of the modern-day Revenue Manager. There's this quote that says, “Without data you're just another person with an opinion.

Creative Revenue Management: How Can Hotels Sell their Spaces in Time of Crisis?

During the pandemic hoteliers have become extremely creative with their offerings. Instead of looking at the limitations many focused on what was still possible and successful initiatives were launched.

INTERVIEW: Niki van del Broeck, Manager of Bus. Dev. | Get into More | Antwerp (Belgium)

It’s always a pleasure to speak with Niki. She’s always positive and bringing in new ideas.On our conversation, Niki talked about:GET INTO MORE:The company puts events on the spot as a core for revenue management, based in 3 pillars: -BI tool: Data driven decisions-Inventory management intelligence: AI helps you reply to enquiries-Market IntelligenceHER ROLE:Focusing on all things commercialTry to talk/network with as many people as possible about M&E: it´s a relatively new discipline, need to spread the word.

Benchmarking: Moving beyond traditional comp sets and year over year comparison

When thinking about comp set there are two points that come to mind. The first one being the flexible nature of a hotel's comp set. The hospitality landscape is ever evolving and with new accommodation-, workspace- and function space providers on the rise things are moving quickly.

How can hotels correctly calculate their costs per acquisition?

It's absolutely vital to take a look at the big picture and consider cost-per-acquisition when setting distribution strategies. Being professionally focused on Meetings & Events I want to stress the vital times we're in when it comes to the Meetings & Events distribution landscape.
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