Franck Louveau

Consultant - Service DNA at EHL Advisory Services

Franck  LouveauFranck Louveau is Consultant - Service DNA at EHL Advisory Services
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What is Service Culture?

You may have heard how important service culture is, especially in the hospitality industry. But what exactly is service culture and why is it so important? Let’s take an in-depth look at this concept and how it plays out through customer service culture examples.

What Is SOP - Standard Operating Procedure?

When you have an idea to start a business, you create a business plan to describe the goals of your company and how you plan to reach them. From your marketing plan and financial information to employees, equipment needed, and planned methods of operations – a solid business plan is a clear roadmap of what your successful business will look like.

Service Excellence: Transform Your Customers Into Superheros

Delivering service excellence is not only about establishing standards of service and training your employees to deliver them. It is about creating a service culture that is embraced and empowers your employees to add their personal touch.