Bill Bensley

Founder of BENSLEY


Bill Bensley is world renown for his outstanding, unique and inspiring award-winning hotel, landscape and interior designs and eye-catching architecture. He is also a concerned conservationist and passionate philanthropist. Bill’s philosophy is “besides having as much fun as possible, to help the needy, to educate, help animals and help the planet via conservation”. Bill has seamlessly and brilliantly combined his passions to benefit the environments and communities in which he has created his incredible projects. Affectionately known as the “Willy Wonka of Design”, Bill is a highly qualified jack of all trades - gardener, fisherman, architect, interior designer, painter, lover of all things natural, and most of all, a wide-ranging explorer of as many corners of the earth as he can. In 2020, Bill shared the culmination of his life’s work to date in a free-open source white paper, “Sensible Sustainable Solutions” for hotel designers, owners and operators to design better hotels, fight climate change and generally make the world a better place. The paper covers three core pillars; to build with a purpose, think locally and sustainably and build sensibly in terms of building materials and energy conservation.

57 Soi Sukhumvit 61
Sukhumvit Rd.
Bangkok, 10110
Phone: 66 2 381 6305

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