Babs Van Gilst

Ex Hilton now working in the Quick Service Restaurant industry

Babs Van GilstCustomer centric, delivery focused, and outcome driven senior product expert, Babs has extensive experience in the full product life cycle, from vision and strategy setting to discovery, development, and launch. Her career started in hospitality, working at the Front Desk of a number of hotels before progressing to becoming a PMS installer and trainer after which she moved on to take on a variety of technology and product management roles. Babs has a track record of delivering game changing and award-winning new products in the hospitality and travel industry. She has recently made a shift into the Quick Service Restaurant industry where she is working as Director of Change Management.
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HN World Panel: Where does the PMS sit in the new technology stack?

When it comes to hotel tech, we may all agree that PMSs are at the top of the food chain. It's semantically already in the name itself: a PMS is the SYSTEM used to MANAGE your PROPERTY. This gives the software connotations of centrality in operations.