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Daniel Diosi

Daniel is the founder of Daniel Diosi & Partners, a hotel brand and marketing consulting group. He is an author of BrandingMag, Money Inc., Thrive Global, and Asia Times. Since 2010, Daniel has helped dozens of 5-star luxury hotels and resorts worldwide to became market leaders by embracing forward-thinking and progressive brand and marketing management.

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Announcing a strategic partnership between Optimum Hospitality and Daniel Diosi & Partners

I am personally thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Optimum Hospitality, a Vietnam-based international asset management company.

Market Research Results: What Dietary Expectations Do Millennial Travelers Have?

Food trends change every few years. The 2010s brought us quinoa, the Millennial-staple avocado toast, imitation meat products, and keto became a lifestyle for some people.

Three experts on international brand growth and generating sales for independent hotels

Securing a strong presence in key markets is a priority in any modern hotel marketing strategy. Depending on the experiences and preferences of the hotel management team, the approach to grow brand awareness and sales differ for each hotel or resort.

Planning for the Next 10 Years: How Will Your Hotel Attract Generation Z?

Regardless of how we call it, there is always a segment of young adult travelers. A decade ago, this segment was Millennials. Today it's Gen Z.

How to Craft a Hotel Product Presentation and Brand Experience, Based on Consumer Insights?

Have you ever visited a hotel website or saw any luxury product that made you feel: "I want this..."?
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