Xavier Bouillot

University Lecturer at Hotel Institute Montreux

Xavier BouillotBorn in Belgium, holding a Swiss and a Belgian passport, Xavier Bouillot is a serial entrepreneur. He founded and managed companies in France, India, and Switzerland, all active in the production of natural health products. Some of the products he created have been sold by millions of units and are still on the market place. Xavier Bouillot completed his managerial experience with a Master in Business Administration in 2006 and, when the time for transmission came, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2015. Xavier Bouillot never forgets his first love, Nature that along with innovation has always fuel his passion: a bachelor degree in Agronomy to start with, then natural products and today, ecofriendly building, the lat-est of his entrepreneurial pursuit. When not at work, Xavier Bouillot goes hiking into the Swiss mountain or to the sea as often as he can. Xavier Bouillot is currently teaching Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Hotel Institute Montreux.
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Setting the Gold Standard for Retiree Care

“Baby Boomers” are settling into their golden years. By 2050, it has been estimated that nearly a quarter of the world’s population will be over 60 years old. With advances being made in health, nutrition, and wellness, rather than suggesting the end of an active life, retirement marks the beginning of a new one.