Michael R. Henderson

Co-Founder, Moon World Resorts Inc.


A serial entrepreneur from humble beginnings, Michael bought his first Rolls Royce at 25; soon after realizing that may not have been the smartest move. Hailing from Ireland now living in Canada, Michael emigrated at 28 landing in Vancouver, British Columbia. With aspirations of taking over the world, in the end he had to be satisfied with bringing the Moon to Earth for all to enjoy. After managing a large scale multifaceted international service group, Michael Co-Founded a medical services company which quickly grew to become the fastest growing provider of its type in the world. In 2000 he Co-Founded Moon World Resorts Inc. and thus the dream was born. With a lifelong passion for Architecture, Engineering, Design, Art and moreover “taking on the impossible”, Michael was finally doing precisely what he wanted in life. MOON’s trajectory has been one of tremendously high mountains to scale, often seeming to have no peak; however, with Space Tourism finally taking flight, it appears the arduous journey may soon be entering a new and exciting phase where the fun can really begin. Michael’s mantra: MOON because you have been everywhere else.

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