Augusto Hasman

Associate Professor of Finance at EHL Hospitality Business School, HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland


Augusto is an associate professor in Corporate Finance at the EHL. He has a vast experience in the provision of policy advice, formulation of projects and fundraising, organization and participation in seminars, writing not only research papers but also documents and articles oriented towards a nonprofessional audience and has also experience in teaching and thesis supervision. He was until recently working as the Executive Director of the Bilateral Assistance and Capacity Building (BCC) Program for Central Banks at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. He was responsible for developing and monitoring country-specific capacity building Programs for Central Banks in eight developing countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Ghana, Peru, Tunisia and Vietnam) on different topics such as Monetary Policy Formulation and Implementation, Bank Supervision and Regulation, Financial Market development, Operational Risk Management and Business Continuity Plan, Macroeconomic Accounting and Statistics, Research in Economic Analysis and Human Resources Management.

Route de Bern 301
Lausanne, 1000
Phone: 41 21 785 1111

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