Edoardo Maria Bisignani

Chief Operating Officer at Vision

Maria Bisignani

Vision Studio represents the entrepreneurial project of three young Italian entrepreneurs with the passion for art and innovation, who sought to respond to a strong demand for the NFT market and, in the broadest sense, for the digital art phenomena. The need to display these digital assets finds solution in the luxury frames produced by Vision Studio. The company's objective is to create physical frames capable of enhancing the works of digital artists through the use of high-tech screens and innovative, made-in-Italy design. The quality and style of the made in Italy products best express the values on which Vision Studio's philosophy was founded. Therefore, the main reference is made to a selected market niche that can itself be the strong element of a project that was born with a long-term perspective: linking the values of Made in Italy to the technology and innovation of the Blockchain sector.

Via Adige
8, Latium
Rome, 00198
Phone: +39 3312172322


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