Massimiliano Nicolini

Director of the Olimaint Research and Development Department and member of the Metaverse Standard Forum


Researcher in information sciences, specialized in VRO - the technology behind the metaverse - and artificial intelligence, Massimiliano Nicolini is the only Italian member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, an organization that promotes the development of an interoperability standard aimed at guaranteeing an open metaverse and inclusive. As a Software Engineer - iA specialist, for over 25 years he has been directing the research and development department on artificial intelligence and VRO of Olimaint, an IT company specializing in the development of solutions for small, medium and large commercial and industrial companies, which recently presented the world's first example of a pharmacy in the metaverse. Analyst in the field of non-deterministic algorithms, he collaborated as an "External Expert in Hearing" with the 1st Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate of the Italian Republic (aff. 1144) on the metaverse issue and is the author of the 8th institutive law of the metaverse, implemented by the international consortium T42. He has published several books, some of which are distributed by Feltrinelli and is the author of Opinion, a periodic live streaming broadcast dedicated to the world of business and technology.

Via Saleri 55/58
Brescia, 25125
Phone: 0039030364332

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