Tracy is known as a social and commercial entrepreneur. Starting Passport to Success Myanmar – Hospitality Training and VRHTI were born out of the passion for making a difference to the people in Myanmar, enhancing their employability, and preparing them for incoming international tourists. A complicated task in this country but with her "can do" attitude and natural persuasion, she knew that anything was possible. Tracy has made a difference for various industries and clients, from 5-star International branded luxury resorts to public sector and government services, by creating innovative training roadmaps. By persuading hotels to work together and accept a training passport, "Passport to Success Myanmar" achieved pre-set learning objectives. As a result, trained hotel associates were able to change hotels, and the hotels in Myanmar recognized their passports. Tracy has also built many schools and orphanages to give back to the community, believing education is the key to alleviating poverty, where she also committed to the SDG1 End Poverty. For the public and governmental sectors, she translated and orchestrated cultural goals into organizational strategic plans based on departmental requirements finetuning individual visions. The Virtual Hotel, with interest in Bitcoin for over ten years for the last three years, Tracy has been working in Virtual Reality and the Metaverse, creating the first Virtual Hotel Training School over three years ago offering Front Office, Kitchen, Food and Beverage and House Keeping Training within the Virtual Worlds. Tracy has also been working with several companies bringing their vision into the metaverse. Tracy Continues to learn and adapt as technology evolves.

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