Leah Rankin

Chief Product Officer at SiteMinder


Leah Rankin is a seasoned executive with a passion for people, technology and delivering customer-driven products to market, with a focus on digital, global and scalable solutions. Over the past 20 years, Leah has gained local and international experience across the telecommunications, travel and technology industries, holding numerous product and engineering leadership roles at Vodafone, Wotif Group (now Expedia) and Community Engine. Prior to SiteMinder, she was Executive Vice President of Product & Engineering at Nearmap. Today, Leah brings that expertise to SiteMinder, where she leads a global team of more than 85 professionals across product and design to create unique experiences that surprise and delight users of SiteMinder’s hotel commerce platform. With a deep knowledge of hotelier pain points following over three years leading SiteMinder’s customer teams, she is ideally positioned to ensure that the user experience and practical needs of SiteMinder’s customers are the primary focus of each and every product touchpoint. Leah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Administration & Human Resource Management) from the University of Tasmania.

Bond Store 3
30 Windmill Street
30 Windmill Street
Millers Point, NSW 2000
Phone: 44 (0)20 3151 0730


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