Antovany Reza Pahlevi

Country Director, Suzuverse Indonesia

Reza Pahlevi

Antovany Reza Pahlevi, a key figure in SEA and APAC region venturing in a digital business and innovation, especially in Immersive Media (AR/VR) industry and pioneering Metaverse project. He plays a pivotal role in the Suzuverse Project, enhancing its integration of AI and blockchain in the metaverse. His contributions, reflective of his extensive background in technology and marketing, bolster Suzuverse's standing in the digital domain, particularly within Indonesia and the broader SEA and APAC regions. Reza's involvement signifies his commitment to advancing the digital transformation landscape, showcasing his ability to navigate and influence the evolving intersections of Web3, the Metaverse, and blockchain technologies.

68 Circular Road #02-01
Singapore, 049422

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