Francesco Brasca

Senior Procurement & Blockchain Advisor


Francesco brings more than fifteen years of hospitality expertise and industry leadership. His passion for food, people, style, design and exceptional service combined with the art of handcrafted, seasonal cuisine reflects his sincere love of hospitality. Education is the fundamental basis for development, which is why after hospitality study, Francesco completed a Master's degree in Supply Chain Management at the Politecnico di Milano to hone his passion for procurement Subsequently, he attended several negotiation courses at the University of Michigan and at the NERA institute (Institut de Négociation et Recherche Appliquée) of renowned professor Julien Pelabere. Believing in the great impact that procurement has on sustainability, Francesco obtained a certificate on Sustainable Management from the University of Cambridge and being enamoured with the application of blockchain to procurement he became a certified Blockchain Expert at the Blockchain Council in Los Angeles. Driven by a quest for knowledge and experience he went on a hospitality industry which brought him to work with some of the biggest hotel chain in the world, including Bulgari, Armani, Melia, Gruppo Una and Accor. In addition, he works in GLG, one of the world's largest consulting companies. The importance of sustainability is close to his hearts, so much so that he is members of the 'Sustainable Procurement Pledge' association, which brings together the world's most influential procurement professionals.

82 Rue Henry Farman
Issy-les-Moulineaux, 92130
Phone: +33 1 45 38 88 00

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