Bruno Saragat

Product Specialist at Shiji ReviewPro


Bruno was previously employed at the Lu' Hotel Group as Revenue Manager and at the Forte Village Resort where, in 2015, he implemented the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. He was also given the role of assistant to the Revenue Manager and then of Revenue Manager to help with data analysis for the company. Moreover Bruno developed guests' satisfaction surveys solutions by employing the ReviewPro Guest Intelligence platform. Bruno's background includes a PhD in Human Biology, and Genetics of Populations and Biology laboratory research activities at the University of Pisa and Cagliari. He got a Master's Degree at the Luiss Business School in Five Stars Hotel Management. Both Bruno's CRM, revenue and laboratory work activities enabled him to successfully manage large database to tease meaningful information out of a set of data.

Saarbrücker Str. 36A
Berlin, 10405

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