Midscale hotels & resorts. Because of our simple standards, low fees and owner freedom, Magnuson Hotels is the number one conversion brand in the market. Over 400 Best Westerns, 250 Wyndhams and 200 Choice franchises have switched to Magnuson. Magnuson Hotels is the first national brand built for Internet travellers, and not the 1950s concept of American freeway travel. Clean, contemporary and authentic. These are the values that attract consumers aged 22-60 to Magnuson Hotel brands. Travellers emotionally linked to Apple, Google, Amazon; brands that speak to their needs, not their parents.

Magnuson Hotel is a brand by Magnuson Hotels
Magnuson Hotels operates 2 brands

200 North Mullan Road
Suite 220
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
United States
Phone: 509-747-8713


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