Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants can rightfully be called the largest catering enterprise of the Netherlands. For over more then 150 years, the various generations of Valken have been building on the family company with the famous warm hospitality. Currently, the Van Der Valk chain has 68 branches in the Netherlands, 13 in Germany, 9 in Belgium, 3 in France, 1 in Spain, 1 in Bonaire, 1 in Curacao, 1 in Aruba and 1 in Florida. In addition, construction plans are ready for various multifunctional and state of the art hotels, where the comfort of the guest still is key.

Van der Valk is a brand by Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants

Prins Bernhardstraat 75
Vianen, 4132XE
Netherlands, The
Phone: +31 900-4568255
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