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APA HotelJapanese hospitality meets no-nonsense frugality in this robust nationwide chain. APA is an acronym for "Always Pleasant Amenity," and depending on your location, that might refer to a traditional public bath (available at no cost to hotel guests), a free breakfast of bread, coffee, rice, and miso soup, or a choice between a standard room (of the floral-bedspread variety) or a Japanese room, with tatami-mat floors for lounging.

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Japan's Largest Hospitality Group, APA Hotel, Enters U.S. Market, Launches New APA Hotel Franchise In Joint Venture With U.S. Based Friendwell Group Of Companies

APA Group, owner of Japan's largest hospitality organization – APA Hotel – today announced a new partnership with NJ- based Friendwell Group of Companies, one of the U.S. East Coast's fastest growing real estate companies, to introduce and develop the APA (Always Pleasant Amenity) Hotel Franchise in the U.