Boscolo Hotels work in the hotel industry through prestigious hotels in important Italian and European art cities and business centers; the hotels in our group now number 22, and are 4- and 5-star, and are managed by two companies, namely BH4 S.p.A. and BH5 S.p.A.; these were created to manage the two different product lines. All of the hotels in the group seek to attract a high-profile clientele preferring typically Italian style as manifested in elegance and courtesy, and may be considered ambassadors of Italian life-style around the world. Distinctive from the very beginning by a mentality and International outlook, in recent years Boscolo Hotels has further accelerated its growth in foreign markets by acquiring hotels in various European countries.

Boscolo is a brand by Boscolo Group

Via Uruquay 47
Padova, 35127
Phone: +39 049 8287511

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