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NUO Hotels

by Kempinski

Nuo HotelsNUO Hotels stirred up a fresh breeze through the elite levels of the hotel industry when it was introduced at the inauguration ceremony on 20September 2012 at the Temple of Heaven inBeijing. As a Chinese luxury hotel brand, NUO Hotels draws inspiration from the country's 5,000 years of history and cultural heritage and is committed to serving as a custodian of traditional Chinese culture. The brand promises to offer a full range of modern luxurious experiences, while focusing on promoting contemporary Chinese art and low-carbon green intelligence at its hotels. The core philosophies are encapsulated by four key brand pillars: Chinese, contemporary, luxury, and green. With the mission to "build a Chinese national brand that will forge an international path," NUO Hotels serves as a pioneer in fulfilling the "The Chinese Dream" for the hotel industry.

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