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TUI BlueThe new hotel brand TUI Blue caters for an international, up-to-date, lifestyle-oriented audience. With its brand claim “Explore the more”, TUI Blue blends the best of individual and package travel. The hallmarks are regional architecture, cutting-edge technology design and a tailored approach to fitness, food and relaxation. The hotels’ high-quality offerings are complemented by unique local modules granting an extra holiday experience. This is the first hotel brand to place the experience at the core, providing authentic holiday encounters with the surrounding region.

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TUI Blue Jadran

With TUI Blue Jadran, the seventh hotel of TUI Group"s new experience hotel brand was opened last weekend. The building is considered to be the oldest hotel on the Croatian Adriatic coast. Through its lifestyle concept with stylish rooms and junior suites, TUI Blue is breathing new life into the well-known hotel with its historic façade.

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