We are looking for special people who are PASSIONATE, CURIOUS, SINCERE, EMPATHETIC AND SOCIAL. We are building a community of curious thinkers, doers, dreamers and leaders. We want those individuals who give their full heart to what they do, are ready to roll up their sleeves and get things done, thrive in a super-fast paced environment, and have a can-do attitude—because at PUBLIC, anything is possible. As a person, you are passionate about what you do and that includes interacting with other people. You treat everyone with the utmost respect and are empathetic to their needs. You are social while being sincere, charming and friendly, making you the kind of person that other people want to meet. There is an instantaneous connection when you talk to someone; you make them feel as if they are the only person in the room. It comes naturally to you.... it's in your DNA. It's not about a skill set, but about the kind of person you are, so you don't need to come from the hospitality industry. At PUBLIC, every day is an opportunity for you to shine and be your own leader. You will advise, direct, console, laugh, smile, and inspire. And you solve problems by creating the solutions. You are the "go to" person, who gets it done and makes things happen.

Public is a brand by Ian Schrager Company

818 Greenwich Street
New York , NY 10014
United States
Phone: 212 796 8400


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