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Zitan Hotels

by Artyzen

	  Zitan HotelsAdding to the Chinese provenance is the fact that every Zitan hotel will tell its own story, written with the creative input of a Chinese artist or designer. The sources of inspiration drawn from China's long and colourful history are diverse and limitless. The décor of one hotel may be inspired a Tang Dynasty poem while another is influenced by the calligraphy of a revered master. The resulting contemporary design will always be elegant and even somewhat edgy. The story will flow and connect the various guest touch points – from rooms to restaurants, from Spa to background music, from staff attire to hotel emporium. At Zitan, we intend to adopt a culinary style that is light, modern, and imaginative. Our chefs take the best of ancient Chinese culinary traditions – be it cooking with authentic ingredients or using traditional implements – to create artful combinations that showcase a national cuisine unmatched in range, depth, ingenuity – and dare we say taste!

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