Native. Inspiring. Urban – this is the niu. The brand comprises an innovative midscale hotel concept taking up the lifestyle of modern society. With the help of unique pieces of art, the niu hotels tell stories inspired by their location, shaped by Zeitgeist and history. the niu hotels are alive! Guests are no longer just drawn to their rooms. The open living lobby with its innovative co-working area invites guests and locals to work and stay. The social network is a lived reality: The free space inside the hotel is shared amongst each other and merges seamlessly. Smart and useful room concepts with refined bathrooms take guests on an exciting journey whilst offering a comfortable stay. NOVUM Hospitality currently operates 15 the niu hotels of the brand founded in 2017. More than 50 pan-European the niu hotels with over 10,200 rooms are currently in planning stage.

the niu is a brand by NOVUM Hospitality
NOVUM Hospitality operates 4 brands

An der Alster 63
Hamburg, 20099
Phone: +49 40/ 600 808 273

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