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MOB HotelOpened in 2017, Mob Hotel is the latest project of Cyril Aouizerate who was also one of the founders of Mama Shelter. What strikes us the most about Mob is its unconventional location. It is the only hotel located in the heart of St Ouen, a suburban neighbourhood in northern Paris known for its giant flea market. To succeed in such location, a hotel needs a strong story. The brand claims to "bring together creative communities from the cultural field and in organic agriculture". It wants to be a "Dream Republic. Ali Baba's cave where the neighbours share the vegetable gardens with our guests." More of a social movement than a budget hotel, Mob brand relies on its "hippie 2.0" story to attract a crowd of dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs.

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MOB Hotel, the next Mama Shelter?

By Youri Sawerschel

The success of Citizen M, Mama Shelter and The Hoxton or Ace Hotel has been watched by the entire industry. As hoteliers around the world are raising their game, we ask ourselves: who will set the new benchmark? We picked the hotel brands that we believe to have the potential to become the next hits.