Vienna House R.evo

Combining the individuality of a home, flexibility of a guesthouse and the stylish design of a city apartment, Vienna House introduces Vienna House R.evo. The new brand by the Vienna House hotel group brings together guest rooms, studios, friends and family rooms with modern design, laid-back common areas and high quality facilities. The tribrid concept offers innovative technology and urban design features in a convenient central location, making it the perfect accommodation to suit the needs of today's modern society. The first project will open in Munich, followed by other major cities including Bangkok and Hamburg. Vienna House R.evos will be centrally located, with a priority focus on mid-size to larger cities.

Vienna House R.evo is a brand by Vienna House
Vienna House operates 3 brands

Dresdner Straße 87
Vienna, 1200
Phone: +43 1 333 73 73-0

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