Cloud7 Hotels is an innovative, independent, local-loving, affordable hotel concept for the next generation traveler. “Cloud” stands for our cozy and playful accommodation designed with soft, contemporary colors, while “7” stands for our seventh sense - technology - which means that every step we take fully integrates that evolution. Cloud7 seeks to inspire guests to be spontaneous, be free and live life to the fullest. This is why one of the concept’s core propositions is to offer an alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of traditional hospitality for property owners by developing a collaborative, individualized and adaptive approach. Each of our Cloud7 properties is individual, and is tailored to its hotel owner, property, location and culture, whilst providing maximization of profitability per square meter and with very little capital investment needed at the outset. The concept is based on affordable build and fit-out for owners, maximizing space, collaboration of brands and creating a cosy but efficient, modern, well-designed environment for guests.

Cloud7 Hotels is a brand by Kerten Hospitality
Kerten Hospitality operates 11 brands

13-18 City Quay
Dublin 2, D02 ED70
Phone: 353 1 208 0691

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