Hyperion Hotels

Hyperion Hotels stands for timeless luxury and comfort at the best locations in the heart of pulsating metropolises. Classically elegant aesthetics and contemporary design, which appreciate regional traditions, transform all of the Hyperion Hotels into characteristic centres of peace, relaxation and good taste. Great value is placed on outstanding service and exquisite culinary offerings to create a unique overall experience for our guests. Whether you’re looking for some splendid shopping trips, active recreation in the great outdoors or holistic nature to enjoy - the Swiss Collection hotels reflect the entire range of possibilities within the Swiss holiday world at any time of the year. This ranges from the comfortable three- star hotel in the mountains to the elegant four-star city hotel in the heart of Zurich.

Hyperion Hotels is a brand by H-Hotels
H-Hotels operates 5 brands

Bad Arolsen, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)5691 / 878-0


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