McKibbon Places

Founded by two brothers in 1926, the McKibbon family business has grown to become an industry leader in hospitality, known for owning, developing, renovating, and managing hotels in partnership with the largest franchisors in the world. As the McKibbon company dedicated to new hotel development and renovations management, we partner with owners, investors, and trusted vendors to build experiences, empower operations, and recognize the true value of every place we create. To date, we’ve completed dozens of new build projects across numerous premier hotel brands in over 20 cities - and we’re just getting started. From the first planning meeting to the final ribbon cutting, we’re ready to bring your vision to life.

McKibbon Places is a brand by McKibbon Hospitality
McKibbon operates 19 brands

5315 Avion Park Drive | Suite 120
Tampa, FL 33607
United States
Phone: 813-241-2399

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