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Oakwood Beluxs

by Oakwood

Oakwood BeluxsOakwood Beluxs: for the confident and stylish traveler looking for modern cultural experiences Reflecting the ethos of aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate executives, Oakwood Beluxs will be a residential lifestyle choice that serves the emerging needs of aspiring travelers with a global perspective of life, culture and identity. This new generation of travelers, with a desire for a sustainable, smart and personalised sanctuary, have exacting standards for lifestyle preferences influenced by their international exposure to social values, culture and personal ambitions. Without compromising on the quality of residential comfort, Oakwood Beluxs will speak to their sense of style, penchant for aesthetics, and environmental consciousness. Strategically located in upscale precincts, Oakwood Beluxs will exude artful sophistication rooted with a sense of culture. Charming. Contemporary. Cultured. Coming Soon.

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