SIRO, a haven for the fitness focused, SIRO (pronounced Sigh-Row) is the newest hospitality experience from Kerzner International. SIRO – based on the brand pillars of Strength, Inclusive, Reflection and Original – invites travellers to aspire to live at their fullest potential through a specialized blend of hospitality, fitness, and wellness. A place of connection, the immersive lifestyle destinations create a welcoming social space bringing together a global community of dedicated and driven individuals through sports, mindfulness, nutrition, education, fitness, recovery, achievement, and holistic health. Each SIRO hotel will feature a cutting-edge fitness club, health spa services, restorative and serene accommodations, nutrition-led dining, invigorating ways to discover each destination through a variety of active adventures and a team of in-house specialists who curate an engaging environment for all-encompassing fitness.

SIRO is a brand by Kerzner International
Kerzner operates 4 brands

One Central
The Offices Building 2, 9th Floor
World Trade Centre, PO Box 9571
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 524 4000

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