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[email protected] World Congress 2015

How mobile, data, and innovation will dictate which travel companies grow

Fira Barcelona Montjuïc (Hall 8)
Barcelona, Spain

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Why you need to attend: It's a perfect wave of change, data analytics and mobile, two disruptive but highly effective ways of selling and servicing travel have joined together to force you to change the way you run your business. The bill board website is dead. If you cant provide a contextualised mobile messages to your customers you will looose them. Not since the growth of OTA's and web friendly low cost airlines has the need for you set a new strategy been so great.

What we are providing: A 1 day strategic conference, led by 16 board level travel industry executives (plus 3 free days at the awesome Mobile World Congress) that will give you the most time and cost effective opportunity to truly be inspired by the opportunities and understand the threats that mobile and analytics are going to throw your way.

Attend and you will understand how to join the fastest growing travel companies in our industry. Organisations that have used data analytics and mobile to understand their customers' needs and the services they want to buy. Pre booking, pre trip, on trip and post trip, you and your competitors now have the ability to serve the consumer throughout their journey... let the battle for the customer begin!

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