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Direct Booking Summit: Americas


Loews Miami Beach Hotel
Miami - FL, United States

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Direct Booking Summit

Powered by Triptease, the Direct Booking Summit provides a platform for savvy hoteliers who want to reduce their dependency on OTAs. Over the years, the Summit became the catalyst for the Direct Booking Movement - the industry's first and only event dedicated to direct bookings.

Knowing that we created something special for the hotelier community, we took the Summit around the globe. Every event presented attendees with top-quality content and actionable takeaways to implement in their hotel as soon as they get home.

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate arena for open discussions about the latest in the hospitality industry without OTAs or travel agents in the room.

On 23 - 24 October the Direct Booking Summit will open its doors in Miami. After our largest event to date in Dallas, hoteliers from the Americas will have the opportunity to experience two days full of learnings and to discuss recent trends in the hotel industry. Check out our Dallas highlights video and see what you can expect from our upcoming event.

Direct Booking Summit: Americas is organized by Triptease

Ian Macleod
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Fuel’s Stuart Butler Selected to Participate as Expert Panelist at Triptease Direct Booking Summit Miami

8 October 2019 — Fuel, the premier provider of hotel marketing software and digital agency services for the hospitality sector, has announced that Stuart Butler, the company's COO, will serve as an expert panelist at the Triptease Direct Booking Summit, scheduled for October 22-23 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.
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10 ways to improve your hotel's click-through rate | By Rob Funnell

2 October 2019 — Website visitors can be a tough crowd. In an era of adblock, 280 characters and fleeting attention spans, hotels are fighting against the odds to capture the imagination of potential guests online. While powerful tools such as retargeting and on-site messaging can be used to help improve website conversion rates, simply having these in place is only the first step.
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America or Asia? The surprising truth of metasearch success | By Rob Funnell

29 August 2019 — The potential customer's searcher region is a particularly unique variable when it comes to a metasearch auction. It's one of the few factors that doesn't just increase the value of your guests, but actually impacts who visits your hotel. We've previously looked at the significant impact that ad position, device type and the day of the week can have on acquisition strategy, but the region of the searcher is a substantially bigger challenge for hotels.
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