The Hotel Development & Investment workshop/forum guides us through the complete hotel project life cycle - from concept, feasibility study and financing to investing, asset management and disposition.

Leading industry experts will speak on each step of a hotel development project and share with us their expertise on the topics. They will fully engage with us through presentation and discussion of the concepts and work with us in dealing with the issues.

This is a continuous development program for professionals and practitioners in the hospitality industry - developers, architects, designers, suppliers, operators and investors. It calls for cross-functional collaboration between the speakers and the participants.

Speaker Info

Each topic will be covered by a leading expert in the subject matter. The speakers will interact with us and address the issues of interest to other professionals and practitioners in the hospitality industry.

These leading experts in the hospitality industry will fully engage with us, communicate their expertise to us and provide us cross-functional collaboration opportunities. They focus on topical issues, challenges and solutions that can help us in performing our respective profession.

They will take us through the hotel project life cycle by means of presentation and discussion. We will gain a firm understanding of the hotel life cycle, which the objective of becoming more effective, productive and successful in our respective profession.

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