One thing has been clear over the course of fourteen years of the boutique movement … this community is a magnet for pioneers. We absorb the abstract, we capture the attention of the daring, and we always throw together the unexpected. As a community, we havealtered the hospitality industry, and continue to do so every day.

As are all of our events, this is a center for commerce, culture, and art in hospitality. The purpose of this conference is to make the simple and boring in our industry, interesting. We liberate what it means to be a hotelier and progress the boutique sector of hospitality into the future.

On June 5 of 2024, we will gather global leaders and followers in the Boutique Hospitality space to come together and refuel our industry as we navigate thenext phase of contemporary travel and focus on the topic of Hotel Investment.

Designed to foster discussion among those who understand that as the boutique landscape flourishes, successful business models for hotels are becoming more abstract and that investment is in one of its most complex states. Learning the tools, hearing about successful strategies, and getting an overview of what the market looks like will be the primary focus, alongside the ability to network with potential clients, investors, and collaborators.

This event is organized by BLLA

For more information please contact Ariela Kiradjian

The Boutique Hotel Investment Conference by BLLA


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