Kingsland Locke hotel will have its own gin distillery. — Photo by LOCKE HOTELS

"London opens to you like a novel itself… It is divided into chapters, the chapters into scenes, the scenes into sentences; it opens to you like a series of rooms, doors and passages. Mayfair to Piccadilly to Soho to the Strand," writes Anna Quindlen in Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City

To London's hoteliers 2020 must feel as if the city had headed into the dystopian section. Officially shuttered from March until late summer, then operating only until a series of strict (and changing) restrictions, it's been the most challenging period for the hospitality industry since World War II.However, next year will see - despite the ramifications of COVID-19 and the lack of certainty about Brexit negotiations, a series of hotel openings that will provide another chapter in an existence that stretches over 2000 years. 

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