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The hotel sector is a vital part of London’s booming tourism industry. London’s rich and diverse cultural offering is attracting visitors in record numbers. The capital is home to four world heritage sites, eight Royal Parks and all of the UK’s top 10 tourist attractions. It is the most Googled city for art galleries, performing arts, art and design, and the most talked about travel destination on Twitter.

In the News

Hilton CEO Says Brexit Is Hurting London Hotels

Brexit is beginning to weigh on London’s hotel market, according to Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., the second-biggest company in the global industry by rooms. “Now that negotiations are going on, and it’s becoming more real ...

Airbnb is taking over London

Despite the 90-day cap on listings, Airbnb is approaching 20,000 rentals a week, up from 1,000 as recently as 2013, according to data scraped from its site. At first, Airbnb grew slowly in London. By 2012, four years after it ...

Webinar: The Role Of Digital Technologies To Enhance The Customer Experience

The exclusive webianr will bring together the following experts:Bill Ramsey, Senior Director - Mobile & Emerging Channels, Choice HotelsAlison Anesta, Area Director of Performance Improvement, Dorchester CollectionThe webinar will explore:The various digital tools available in the travel industry to enhance the customer experience, better engage, and drive loyaltyThe intersection and blending between technology and the physical - and balancing both as part of your strategyDriving interconnected mobile engagement throughout the travel journeyBefore you scramble off to revamp your digital strategy, click here to sign up Don't worry if you can't listen in on the day, as we will send over a free recording to all registrants.