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Airbnb a Threat?

It looks as if Airbnb Inc. – the online service that lets people rent their homes to travelers – may become one of the world's most valuable startups. The company is reportedly in advanced talks with private equity firms to raise funds that would give it overall market value of $10 billion - higher than major hotel brands such as Wyndham Worldwide (US$9.4 billion) or Hyatt (US$8.4 billion). With a strategy to clearly position themselves as a full-blown hospitality brand, such comparisons are both interesting and relevant.

A Progressive Nonprofit Puts Airbnb on Watch

For many, Airbnb is the bugaboo of the hospitality industry. On behalf of hoteliers everywhere, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has sought to shine a light on the major concerns growing out of the popularity ...

The truth about AirBnB competition

I am frequently in contact with hotel owners and I hear too often phrases like: “AirBnB is stealing all our customers! “ “It is unfair competition! “ “They do not have the same expenses as the hotels! “ Etc. With a few exceptions, ...