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Brexit Impact

Brexit impact on travel and hospitality

Travel industry players are gathering their wits as news of the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union sinks in. The immediate impact on Britain has been painful: The pound sterling fell to its lowest level since 1985; investors fled the British stock market, seeking stability elsewhere; Prime Minister David Cameron, who opposed Brexit, resigned, saying Britain needed a leader that could better carry out the will of the people.

A Conversation with Le Cordon Bleu about Talent, Trends, and Entrepreneurship

By Thomas Mielke

Dr Thomas Kyritsis is the Programme Director of BBA Culinary Industry Management and MSc Culinary Innovation Management at Le Cordon Bleu. He has received a first class BA (Hons.) in International Hotel Management and a MA in Hospitality Management with distinction from the University of West London before pursuing a Ph.

2020 European Hotel Transactions

By Shaffer Patrick

Total European hotel transaction volume reached €8.5 billion[1] in 2020, representing a fall of 69% on 2019 (see Chart 1), which was the previous market peak at €27.1 billion. Even so, 2020 figures remain significantly ahead of those seen in the Global Financial Crisis, with 2009 seeing only €3.

Why Brexit Is Creating a Buyer's Market

Read the full article on at - Why Brexit Is Creating a Buyer's MarketAs the UK leaves the EU, it has created a buyer's market for smart travelers. A study by ForwardKeys, which analyzes global aviation capacity, flight searches and over 17 million flight booking transactions a day, says that growth in travel to and from the EU has slowed.