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Brexit Impact

Travel industry players are gathering their wits as news of the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union sinks in. The immediate impact on Britain has been painful: The pound sterling fell to its lowest level since 1985; investors fled the British stock market, seeking stability elsewhere; Prime Minister David Cameron, who opposed Brexit, resigned, saying Britain needed a leader that could better carry out the will of the people.

The 'Brexit effect' on the global leisure industry

A diverse range of national leisure companies appear to be caught in the Brexit headlights, defaulting to business as usual as they struggle to predict the long-term impact of Brexit on customers, employees and the bottom line. ...

Hilton CEO Says Brexit Is Hurting London Hotels

Brexit is beginning to weigh on London’s hotel market, according to Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., the second-biggest company in the global industry by rooms. “Now that negotiations are going on, and it’s becoming more real ...