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PII Management & GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The movement toward high-tech solutions to engage guests has greatly increased in the hospitality industry and has especially accelerated during the global pandemic as hospitality enterprises implemented health safety protocols to address distancing guidelines. As a result, the implementation of property-wide technologies using personal identifiable information (PII) has presented a conundrum to hospitality organizations: how to safely manage this data — to use it for meaningful guest services, while also protecting it from malicious cyber activity.

Managing Guest Relations and Upholding Corporate Digital Responsibility In The Hospitality Industry

By Binu Mathews

Technology is evolving at a record pace, and these emerging digital technologies are now reshaping traditional business practices. As digital technologies and related data become increasingly prevalent, it is natural that ethical concerns regarding the usage of these technologies arise, especially in situations where the ordinary citizen's private information is involved.

Promoting Excellence: VENZA Launches the InfoSec Invitational Competition

VENZA further cements its position as the industry's go-to data protection awareness champion. How? They are hosting a global information security-focused quiz game-style competition. A first for the hospitality technology community, this series of matches has a whimsically fun atmosphere that makes the competition accessible even to those with a mere casual appreciation of the world of IT security.

The Business Case For Data Privacy

In 2011 a French start-up developed technology designed to collect geolocation data on smartphones and transfer the data onto a mobile marketing platform to support retailers' "drive to store" strategy and help them assess the impact of marketing investments for in-shop visits.