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The Trump Effect

Since Donald Trump has become president of the United States, a lot of changes have been occurring to American and even worldwide travel. This is a collection of all notable news that has to do with certain policies and actions taken by the new president of the United States of America.

Bad Taste

The torrent of instant and snarky responses to what was a well-intended and fairly innocent message from Trump National GC Hudson Valley, even if it was greatly exaggerated because of who the sender was, serves as another cautionary ...

Meet One Crazy Rich Asian's Anti-Trump Hotel For Social Good

Katherine Lo may come from a crazy rich family, but her sights are set on making a do-gooder's impact on the world.You might recognize Lo's father as Lo Ka Shui, one of Hong Kong's most prominent real estate billionaires who chairs Great Eagle Holdings and owns the luxury hotel chain Langham Hotels, or her uncle, Vincent Lo, also a real estate scion.