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Visioning Change - Life after the COVID-19 pandemic

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Visioning Change - Life after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The hotel industry's vulnerabilities are multi-faceted, but its ability to deal with impacts associated with these vulnerabilities in the past stands it in good stead to overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On this page you can find a list of resources with views on the future hospitality industry. This is a live topic, we will be adding new resources whenever they are available.

The COVID-19 Crisis Is Reframing Our Understanding Of What Matters (Demian Hodari)

By Demian Hodari

The COVID-19 crisis is unique in many ways, not least of which is that it led the interconnected world of business to experiment with its first global, supply-side disruption. In the hospitality industry, for example, during the first wave of the pandemic (April-May 2020), more than 70 percent of hotels in Europe were closed, international flights were less than 5% compared to the same period in 2019, and restaurants were forced to close and, if lucky, provide takeaway and delivery.

Companies Make Summer Plans To Resume Domestic Business Travel

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – the world’s largest business travel association and worldwide leader in education, research, networking and advocacy for the industry – today released the findings from its 20th COVID-19 poll assessing how GBTA members are managing the return to business travel, post pandemic.

Ambassadorship Is The Tech-Driven Authentically Local

By Larry Mogelonsky

As travel returns following vaccine-driven customer confidence, it’s important that hotels align their brand visions for the decade before we’re all too deep in the weeds of servicing onsite guests. One trend throughout the 2010s was the drive for delivering a ‘locally authentic’ experience and this will definitely reemerge for the 2020s, but successful properties will be those that take it a full step further.

Sustainability: Responding To Adversity Through Cultural Intelligence And Sustainable Marketing (Peter Varga)

By Peter Varga

While there have been growing numbers of sustainable initiatives in the tourism industry, economic interests and environmental initiatives have prevailed over social and cultural perspectives. The post-pandemic period offers an opportunity to correct this discrepancy, so both hosts and guests will feel comfortable with and also responsible for future tourism dynamics.

Marketing: From Brand Multiplicity To Brand Authenticity (Elisa Chan)

By Elisa Chan

Before the pandemic, hotel brands were at a crossroads with increasingly brand agnostic consumers and ever-expanding brand portfolios. But there is evidence that the pandemic may have led to consumers’ renewed appreciation for a well-recognized brand name that assures quality and instills trust.

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Hotel Companies Defer to Local Guidelines as Federal Mask Restrictions Loosen

With the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxing mask recommendations and various states and municipalities rolling back their own restrictions as more Americans get vaccinated, a varied landscape with differing levels of regulation has created a situation where it's often left hoteliers to determine themselves whether mask and social-distancing requirements are still needed on property.

How Hospitality Is Adapting to a Contactless World

The pandemic led to an increase in contactless technology and experiences in the hospitality industry, and even as we return to a new normal, many of these innovations are likely to stick. A hotelier’s job is to make guests comfortable, and if guests have become accustomed to new ways of doing things, then hotels will need to accommodate.

Hotel CEOs React to How Guests Have Changed

Hotel demand patterns have shifted dramatically across segments in the hotel industry. Leisure travel demand has kept many hotel businesses afloat while the industry waited on the return of business travelers and group bookings.

SMEs: Business Dynamics In The Food And Beverage Industry (Margarita Cruz)

By Margarita Cruz

The pandemic COVID-19 has made apparent managers’ need to better understand the dynamics driving performance in their company. With businesses shut down repeatedly, often for several months at a time, hospitality managers were pushed to reinvent themselves in a short period of time.

RMS Releases 2021 State Of The Industry Report

RMS North America, a leading provider of cloud-based reservation and property management systems to the hospitality industry, released its 2021 State of the Industry Report. The report offers actionable insights on what travelers are looking for and how hospitality businesses can adapt to meet new consumer expectations.

Strategic Management: Extending Our Thinking On Ecosystems And Business Models (Nicole Rosenkranz)

By Nicole Rosenkranz

Hospitality companies, by-and-large, have traditionally defined their business as selling services and experiences. As such, their strategies have evolved around two classic worldviews in strategy – determining and defending a competitive advantage through market positioning, and resource endowment.

Revenue Management: From Demand Management To Revenue Generation (Cindy Heo)

By Cindy Heo

Revenue management (RM) is concerned with maximizing the revenue performance of an asset by setting different prices and optimizing inventory availability according to the predicted demand. Therefore, one of the key principles of RM lies in the company’s ability to forecast demand, which has been greatly impaired as a result of COVID-19’s unprecedented impact on hotel occupancy and rates.

An update on our support for new EU rules

Earlier this month we launched The Great Rebalance of European Travel, a series of commitments to work with communities in Europe to help rebalance tourism following the pandemic. Key priorities for this work include supporting the regulation of short-term rentals and collaborating with governments to redistribute tourism and help prevent the return of overtourism, where too much tourism is concentrated in too few places.

Côte D'Ivoire In 2021: A Rising Star Post-Covid-19

By Erwan Garnier

The fastest growing economy in French speaking Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, has been an ongoing key market for all hotel investors, developers and operators with an interest in Africa. Despite the fact that the country’s ambitious strategy with the aim to position it as a top-5 African travel destination, “Sublime Côte d'Ivoire”, has been delayed by the pandemic, the tourism industry remains the country’s priority.

Apptopia, Braze, And Skyscanner Release Trends And Predictions For Travel And Hospitality Industry

Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform, today revealed findings from its newest data report, Ready for Takeoff: 2021 Travel Industry Trends, Insights, and Strategies . The research includes findings from a survey of 9,500 consumers across 13 global markets conducted by Wakefield Research, which explored COVID-19’s impact on consumer behaviour, expectations, and sentiment around travel.

Top 3 Strategic Priorities To Maximize Hospitality Business Performance Post COVID-19

By Jefrey Walter

The global hospitality industry is growing at a rapid rate imparting opportunities to maximize your business performance. According to a strategic report by IHG hotels, the global hotel industry is a $525 billion industry made up of 18 million rooms.

Healing Hotels Offers Healing Certification

As the world starts to get back to a new normal in the wake of Covid-19, healing is in high demand. With borders opening and travel resuming, people want to feel secure that hotels not only adhere to the strictest safety measures, but can also credibly cater to the growing need for a healing experience to help them recover from the trauma of living for more than a year in a Covid-battered world.

Which Pandemic Trends Expected to Reshape Hotel Experience in Long Term

By Korosh Farazad

The Global pandemic has allowed a revolution of novel trends to take place which shapes the hospitality industry whilst providing a platform for the amplification of existing trends too. The ever-changing predilection in consumer behaviour ensures the hotel industry will need to adapt in order to stay competitive, and the hotel groups has positively reacted showing resilience of the sector.

Travel Is Returning; Here’s How To Prepare

“Revenge travel” and “vacci-cations” are trending topics, with people planning a wide range of excursions—from road trips across the U.S. this Memorial Day weekend, to jaunts to iconic cities in England where Hilton recently reopened its hotels, to adventures in Australia and New Zealand with the opening of the Trans-Tasman bubble.

Podcast: Paige Duke Discusses Evolving Hotel Sales With eHotelier

By Paige Duke

Paige Duke partook in a lively and informative discussion with Mathew Stephens from eHotelier to discuss what is changing for sales teams as travel returns and occupancy creeps back to normal. Paige Duke is owner and founder of Duke Consulting and a Strategic Solutions Partner sales consultant with over 20 years of experience in leading teams to build customer relations and drive revenue results.

Have Vaccine Will Travel

By Larry Mogelonsky

By now, we're all familiar with the implications of 'revenge travel' and how it may cause a surge of travelers in the coming months and into the winter of 2021. But this won't be an evenly distributed swell for all markets and it's critical you stay on top of the news so that you can anticipate when revenge travel will hit your local territory.

Travel Industry Leaders Discuss Summer Travel Rebound At 15th Annual Travel Summit Hosted By BWH Hotel Group®

The 15th annual BWH Hotel Group Travel Summit was held virtually Friday, May 14 with a panel of top travel industry leaders from AAA, Google and the U.S. Travel Association. The panel discussion, led by Dorothy Dowling, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of BWH Hotel Group, focused on traveler sentiment, road and summer travel, as well as trends reshaping the industry’s rebound.

The Intersections Of Tomorrow’s Hotel Industry

By Jean-Philippe Nuel

It has already been a year since Covid-19 developed into a pandemic, along with its panoply of urgent measures to contain, combat and defeat the devastating effect of the virus. Confinement, curfews, travel restrictions—including the recent border closures in Europe—and frequent mandatory quarantines for international travel.

Survey: Urban Hotels Hit Hard By Pandemic, Recovery Expected To Take Years

A national survey conducted by Morning Consult commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) found that only 29% of Americans would consider traveling to a city or urban destination this summer, further showing the economic devastation facing urban markets, which rely heavily on business from events and group meetings, underscoring the need for targeted relief from Congress.

More Than Half Of Grandparents Plan To Visit Grandchildren For First Trip When They Return To Travel

Two in five (42%) U.S. grandparents have had a grandchild born since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research from Motel 6. The economy lodging brand released a new survey revealing that as it becomes safe to travel again, 56% of grandparents said the first trip they’re planning to take is to see their grandchildren — with almost half (48%) already in planning their visit.

Covid-19 Management in Hotels

With the uncertainties brought in by the pandemic, travel has been on a decline, but experts say that the pent-up demand would slowly unravel and soon the hospitality industry will see a surge in business.

Committee On Tourism Ethics Recommends Responsible Use Of Travel Certificates

As some countries work to welcome back visitors and restart tourism, the Committee met to assess the implications health certificates might have on tourism ethics. As an independent and impartial body of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), it concluded that such certificates can be compatible with ethical tourism, though their use needs to be proportionate, measured and responsible.

Radisson Hotel Group Renews Partnership With SGS

Radisson Hotel Group is proud to announce the extension of its partnership with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, and the continued global roll out of the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol to further strengthen Radisson Hotel Group’s existing rigorous sanitation, cleanliness and disinfection program across its portfolio around the world.

Queensland Number One For Tourism Recovery

New statistics from Accor, the largest hotel operator in the Pacific, are showing that Queensland has recorded the fastest and most sustained rate of tourism recovery over the past year compared to all other States in Australia.

Thinking Of Making A Move? Try Out A New City, With Airbnb

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives – including the way in which we work, travel and live. For many, the remote working trend sparked by the pandemic has created a more flexible lifestyle, providing opportunities to move closer to family or seek a lower cost of living, and empowering us to live anywhere.

Radisson Hotel Group Releases 2020 Responsible Business Report

Radisson Hotel Group's 2020 Responsible Business Report highlights the Group's latest corporate responsibility targets as outlined in its strategic five-year plan, including the reduction of the company's carbon and water footprint by 30% by 2025, aligning with science-based emissions reduction targets, removing single use plastics, and continuing to drive best practices in water stewardship and responsible consumption behaviors in line with the three pillars of Think People, Think Community and Think Planet.

The Great Rebalance Of European Travel

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on everyone and almost everything across the world, including tourism. This has been particularly hard felt in Europe which accounted for more than half of international tourist arrivals – or over 745 million visitors – in 2019.

Hotel Tech Report Launches the 2021 HotelTechIndex™ Market Leaders Report to Help Hotels Identify Top Technology Solutions in the Recovery

Hotel Tech Report released the 2021 HotelTechIndex™: Hotel Software Market Leaders Report, the most comprehensive view of technology solutions aiding hotel businesses in the industry recovery. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic during the 3-month data collection period, 318,466 hoteliers across 127 countries visited Hotel Tech Report and spent more than 3,000 hours contributing 10,227 verified hotel software product reviews about the technology solutions they're leveraging to achieve profitability and thrive in the post-pandemic rebound.

Dubai, A Key Development Destination

While all of the Group's Dubai hotels are now open and have been granted the ALLSAFE certification, our development projects are growing to adapt and cater to the tourist potential within the region, which is becoming increasingly popular with travelers worldwide.

Loyalty Programs And Increased Collaboration Will Be Key Features Of Post-Pandemic Travel, Says GlobalData

Price-conscious travelers may be lured by the reboot of loyalty programs across the tourism sector. Various travel companies are now repositioning loyalty programs as value-orientated, rather than solely price focused in post-pandemic travel as they seek to tap into individuals' desires for budget experiences, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Demand For Long-Haul Travel Is Greater Than Expected, According To GlobalData

Despite travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, it appears that consumer confidence has not been deterred too drastically, as a recent survey by GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, revealed that 36% of respondents stated that they would consider an international trip to a different continent in the next 12 months, which is eight percent more than the percentage of respondents that stated they would consider an international trip to a country within the continent in which they live.

Navigating The Road To Recovery – Capturing Road Trip & Domestic Demand In North America

With COVID-19 vaccine distribution ramping up, travelers are looking ahead to spring and summer travel, and many are continuing to choose car travel as their preferred mode of transportation. A recent Expedia Group trends report found that in 2020, 30% of American travelers opted to drive over other methods of transportation, and car travel is here to stay for the foreseeable future, as road trips continue to eclipse air travel and other transportation methods.

Expedia Announces New Direction In Brand Positioning In Anticipation Of Post-Vaccination Travel Demand

Building on its 25 years as one of the world's leading full-service travel companies, today, Expedia Brand announces a new direction as the world prepares for the return of travel demand. Launching a new global positioning grounded in the understanding that who you travel with matters, today marks the beginning of Expedia's journey in becoming the ultimate travel companion, helping travelers every step of the way.

HVS Monday Musings: Reviving The Global Travel & Tourism Sector

The roll-out of the vaccination programs across countries has brought some much-needed optimism to the global travel & tourism (T&T) sector. Most countries are now cautiously preparing to welcome back international travelers to their shores, albeit with several strict guidelines and protocols in place, as the new variants and the rapidly increasing COVID cases across some countries are still a concern.

Mastering Meetings A Post-COVID World

By David Adler

As the event industry progresses, there will be an emergence of new technology. This will allow a combination of in person and remote guests to attend events. We see convention centers using robotic cameras everywhere so that you can lower the cost of labor and actually give more of the your event spend to the venue and not to the subs vendors.

Tourism After Lockdown: The Long and Short of Long-Haul Travel

Mass COVID-19 vaccination programs are underway across the globe and providing the tourism and hospitality industry a much-needed confidence boost following 12 months or so of seismic declines. However, with lockdowns still in place for some regions and the emergence of new virus variants, predicting future travel demand remains challenging.

Post-Pandemic Hospitality Trends & Economics in China

By Kimberly Yoong

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide around the world and across industries. As one of the first hit but also one of the first economies to successfully slow the spread of the virus, China has already been seeing a gradual recovery from the impact of COVID-19. Shines Light On Travelers’ Optimism And Hope On The Horizon For Getting Back To Travel

The impact that COVID-19 has had on our daily lives has made the past year one of the hardest we've had to endure. Maintaining distance and staying home has become part of the new normal. While tough days may still be ahead, new research reveals that our appetite to explore the world remains undiminished and after months of restrictions, travelers are finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to the roll-out of vaccines and the development of other break-through medical advances in the battle against COVID-19.

The Return Of Business Travel

By Bob Rauch

When Is business travel really coming back? Many corporate executives had all their meetings online in 2020. In 2021, we believe that will change soon due to the pace of vaccines, decline of COVID-19 cases, and negative impacts of closed economies.

7 Steps To Seamless Onboarding

The onboarding process can be a headache for clients. With strict deadlines to meet, technical solutions to communicate, and stakeholder expectations to manage, the implementation process can feel like an impossible task before it has even begun.

Resilience: The Future Of The Hospitality Industry

As the global pandemic has swept around the world, few sectors have been hit as hard as the hospitality industry. People have been unable to travel as countries have closed orders and imposed restrictions on their populations in an effort to control the spread.

Where Will The Post-Pandemic Travel Boom Bring Travelers?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of travel shutting down after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, travelers are looking forward to getting back to doing what they love. But, where to first? As it stands, some international travel destinations still have their borders closed, but there is strong optimism that things will soon return to some level of normalcy.

The Post-Crisis Normal For Airlines

By Aradhana Khowala

The blow dealt to the Airlines by COVID-19 has caused passenger demand to collapse, forcing airlines to park more than fly their planes. With the Zoom effect on the business of travel and with travel related costs under increased scrutiny, air travel for business will take a lot longer to recover.

Marriott International Launches Global Cleanliness Council to Promote Even Higher Standards of Cleanliness in the Age of COVID-19

Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR), which for 92 years has been recognized as a hospitality leader for its commitment to quality, exacting standards, and rigorous training, announced today that it will be rolling out a multi-pronged platform to elevate its cleanliness standards and hospitality norms and behaviors to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by the current pandemic environment.

How Can We Be Sustainable Post-COVID-19

As a travel journalist and someone who cares deeply about the future of our planet, the moral dilemma of air travel is something I constantly grapple with. I've reduced the number of trips I take, buy carbon offsets when I travel and focus my assignments on stories that allow me to tackle conservation issues whenever possible.