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5 Simple Tips for Getting Stellar Hotel Service


The service at that hotel you just stayed at was so-so. Your friend's experience at the same property, on the other hand, was spot on. Why the disparity? It may be more than chance.According to Joshua Bush, a hotel industry expert and the chief executive officer of Avenue Two Travel, while good service at a hotel, even a pricey one, isn't a guarantee, there are a few ways to increase your odds of getting treated well.

How the Japanese 'love hotel' trend can improve your sex life


Whether you and your significant other are in a room specifically catering to your libido or in a cheap roadside inn, just one night away from home can give your sex life a boost.Imagine an adult playground where you and your partner could live out your wildest sexual fantasies, whether that's a tryst at the doctor's office, a rendezvous in an underwater cave or an encounter in a fantastic cartoon anime world.

Google hotel reviews more than doubled in 2017, drive overall increase


Travelers posted 27% more hotel reviews in 2017 than a year earlier, and most of that growth can be attributed to Google.The findings are part of the Global Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report prepared by Revinate, a software and data analytics company for hotels that analyzed 132 million online guests reviews from 138,000 properties across 200 countries.