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'Conscious' Travel Emerging as Yet Another Hot Luxury Trend

For at least the past year, the travel industry, and especially the luxury sector, has latched onto the idea of "transformative travel" as the new "experiential travel."First coined in 2016 by the founders of an adventure travel company, Jake Haupert and Michael Bennet, who both lead the Transformational Travel Council, the term is meant to describe any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful or lasting changes in their lives.

Marriott International's Bigger Size Could Mean Paying Lower Fees to Expedia

Marriott might have more clout in negotiations with the online booking giant following its Starwood acquisition. Marriott International Inc. and Expedia Group Inc. are in the final stages of negotiations over how much the world's largest hotel company will pay the online booking giant, a development that will have broad implications for other hotel operators, property owners and millions of guests world-wide.