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Is Housekeeping Moving From The Back To The Front Of The House?

View by Craig Hooley

"The evolution of our guest's needs never ceases to amaze me but the one priority that runs through all is confidence and trust in the hotel management team. The housekeeper team is no longer a silent contributor but an active advocate and communicator of not just what they are doing but what policies are in place to ensure the safety and security of Guests and at present that centers around hygiene."

Breaking the mould - Equipping young people with the skills for success

By Peter Slade

The hospitality industry has, arguably, been hit harder than most other industries by the global pandemic and, while there were signs of recovery as restaurants, bars and hotels opened back up over the summer months, across Europe occupancy rates dipped again in September to under 40 percent.

How big of a threat to the hospitality industry is Airbnb’s upcoming IPO?

View by Erik Muñoz

"A successful IPO will place Airbnb in a much stronger financial position so they can remove the high cost (at 11% interest) of their recent funding and prepare to operate profitably again. The threat of Airbnb will be felt by hotels that are perceived to be "risky" in terms of Covid-19 transmission prevention, eg."