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Chef Stéphane Décotterd at Glion Institute of Higher Education awarded 18 by Gault et Millau

Gault et Millau, the worldwide-recognized gastronomic guide founded in 1972, awards 18 points to Stéphane Décotterd’s gastronomic restaurant. This recognition confirms the great talent of Stéphane Décotterd who recently relocated his operation in Glion, the hospitality higher education institute.

How has COVID-19 impacted the Swiss hospitality sector?

By Darren Burke

Even as the world continues to ease its COVID-19 restrictions, for those of us who are restaurant owners, suppliers, and hospitality staff, we are not expecting a return to “business as usual.” In fact, after 20 months of navigating government restrictions set to combat the virus, many of us in hospitality are beginning to reevaluate our business models altogether.

Embedding a culture of innovation and transformation

View by Klaus Kohlmayr

"It is true that innovation requires focus, resources and ultimately funding. At IDeaS we have a multi-pronged approach to innovation: 1) A constant dialog with our clients about their evolving needs and how IDeaS could provide more value to them 2) Continuous research and conversations about evolving end consumer expectations, technology transformation and their implications on hospitality at large and particularly the commercial function."

The Benefits of University Based Retirement Communities: Opportunities for Lodging

By Fred DeMicco and Abraham Pizam

University-Based Retirement Community concepts have been on the rise over the past decade and the trend has held due to the growing needs and wants of retiring Baby Boomers (Clark & Smith, 2021). Retirees residing at a University-Based Retirement Community enjoy more than the standard amenities provided at a traditional senior living community.

Setting the Gold Standard for Retiree Care

By Xavier Bouillot

“Baby Boomers” are settling into their golden years. By 2050, it has been estimated that nearly a quarter of the world’s population will be over 60 years old. With advances being made in health, nutrition, and wellness, rather than suggesting the end of an active life, retirement marks the beginning of a new one.

Can hospitality integration hubs save our industry from legacy tech nightmares?

View by Max Starkov

"There are over 5,000 hotel tech vendors around the world working around the clock to develop new and innovative solutions to common problems or applications to elevate service delivery in hotel operations, guest communications, revenue management, marketing, etc."

As Part of its New Hospitality Innovation Hub, the NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality, in Partnership with stayntouch, Celebrated the Launch of its State-of-the-Art Hospitality Innovation Experiential Learning Lab

On November 9, 2021, the NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality hosted a celebratory reception during the 43rd Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, at the New York Marriott Marquis, to mark the launch of its recently constructed Hospitality Innovation Hub (HI Hub) and the Experiential Learning Lab within it.

A time for heroes: why now is the moment for hospitality asset managers to step into the spotlight

By Jonathan Humphries

Jonathan Humphries is a hospitality consultant and also heads the International Hotel Development and Finance Bachelor’s degree specialization at Glion Institute of Higher Education. He argues that in a fragmented, post-Covid commercial landscape the hotels which thrive will do so through constant reinvention and total flexibility in their approach to market.