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Hospitality Training And Education: How To Cater Tomorrow's Student

The future of the world of education for hospitality students and how businesses in the industry will thrive in the years to come has been a popular topic for professionals across the industry. The changes that the pandemic has introduced, alongside technological innovations, have created a world for travel and tourists that looks very different from the one we saw just a few years ago.

Innosuisse Business Concept Training Program: Connecting Students And Start-Ups

By Maya Gharbi

The Innosuisse Business Concept Training is a Swiss government-funded course aimed at providing a short, cutting-edge, innovative business training program. Powered by Fondation EPFL Innovation Park, the course is designed and taught by experienced entrepreneurs and company executives to help university students and researchers bring their innovative ideas to market or pursue a successful career in start-up companies.

Keeping The EHL Campus Spirit Alive During Lockdown

By Alix Sayer

Anyone working or studying at the Ecole hotelière de Lausanne will agree that campus life is an integral part of the EHL experience. A walk around the F&B outlets in the central part of the building inevitably entails bumping into people, swapping ideas, hatching plans - in brief, making things happen! With the quick transition to remote learning, virtual classrooms and a campus on strictly reduced capacity, the fertile hub of human interaction at EHL has inevitably been impacted - but it's far from being diminished.