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March 2019

5Hotel Bathrooms: Design Challenges to Overcome

By Lillian Connors

Using features to your advantageWhile working on transformation of the Los Angeles historic Mayfair Hotel between 2016 and 2017, the city-based architect and designer Gulla Jonsdottir decided not to move the original plumbing, a task which would require many delays and extra costs, so she focused their efforts to transforming small 1920s style powder rooms into modern bathrooms that would appeal to the hotel's guests today.

February 2019

1New Research Finds a Majority of Hotel Guests Rank Unfriendly Staff as Most Frustrating Part of Their Stay

by Alexander Shashou

ALICE, the hotel operations platform that empowers operational excellence and meaningful guest experiences, released new research uncovering what factors influence hotel satisfaction and found that almost two-thirds of guests (62 percent) with complaints said unfriendly staff are the most frustrating part of their stay.

January 2019

12019 Top 10 Hospitality Trends

By Philippe Masset

The TEN trends that have reshaped (and are still reshaping) the industry:#1 - Virtual communitiesSocial networks and in particular TripAdvisor have had a profound impact on customers. This has led to more transparency and, overall, to an improved quality of the services provided by hospitality companies.

December 2018

1I feel sorry for Marriott...

By Terence Ronson

THAT'S AWFUL - but in all honesty, it was an accident waiting to happen.All of the major robberies, and with this I include hacks who embark on unapproved removal of an asset - successful or failed, have focused on BIG targets - whether it be the US elections, Beyonce's jewels, banks, Brinks trucks, the Royal Mail train in 1963, UBER, Hyatt, Target, Home Depot, Cathay Pacific, Dunkin Donuts, USPS, DELL, EMC, Yahoo, or an Apple Store.

29 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019

By Michael Del Gigante

When it comes to social media, the year ahead should be quite an interesting one for marketers.On one hand, social media companies are in the midst of grappling with some very thorny issues -- from privacy/data concerns to slowing growth -- and the repercussions could bring challenges for platforms and marketers alike.

4Will Marriott data breach herald the death of personalization?

By Greg Abbott

This analysis could be titled in a number of ways, each with a lean towards what was disclosed by Marriott last week when it emerged some 500 million guest accounts had been hacked.Because of the size of the breach and the underlying issues that may have caused it, many may point to the hotel sector's drive towards personalization and trigger a major rethink.

November 2018

3What's Making Hotels Adopt Android App Development?

By Billy Lowslan

Shoppers realize it's simple to reach information regarding that lodging with a dazzling Google Android use.A large people with hoteliers get started out appointing Google Android iPhone app builders concerning constructing software programs that will permit their shoppers to reach information regarding their lodging even though for a switch.

4Dual-branded Hotels: Beware Expectations Of Significant Operating Efficiencies

By Robert Mandelbaum and Gary McDade

For the past four years the opening of dual-branded properties has been very popular among hotel developers. The perceived benefits of building a property with two or more brands are many:* Two reservation systems to channel business to the property* Two brands that will appeal to different demand segments in the market* Enhanced ability to maximize land density requirements* Efficiencies in the construction of the facility (ex.

October 2018

1A Look Into Hotel Hospitality Trends for 2019

By Kacey Bradley

2019 will be like every year, bringing new challenges and changes to the ever-growing hospitality business. To prepare your hotel or brand, read on for hotel hospitality trends for 2019. That way, you'll know ahead of time what your guests will be looking for, so you can provide them with everything they need at the best price.

September 2018

2How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

By Natasha Prats

Thanks to AI, reaching our destination is becoming easier too. This year, Google Flights started predicting delays and announcing them before the airlines.How far might things go? In the following article, we'll look at how travel brands are using the latest artificial intelligence to learn more about their customers, influence their decision-making, and drive more bookings.

August 2018
July 2018
June 2018

2Effective Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

By Paul Bates

Technology, Loyalty, CreativityMuch of the future of hospitality marketing lies in three major areas: technology, customer loyalty, creativity, and new concepts in the business model. Other aspects of traditional marketing such as flyering and television are still somewhat effective, but, as stated by Patricia Mitchell, Head of Marketing at SolidEssay, many businesses have found they are not as cost-effective as other sources of customer attention.

May 2018

1Hotels Have a Growing Guest Loyalty Problem ... and They May Not Even Know It

By Terri Miller

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better." - Jeff BezosThe ability to inspire guest loyalty is, without a doubt, a valuable predictor of long-term success within the hospitality industry.

5Revenue Strategy Report: How Blockchain Could Disrupt Hotel Distribution And Loyalty

By Mark Brandau

Hype surrounding blockchain technology continues to climb, despite the volatility in related cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seen earlier this year. While it's still too early to know how these distributed-ledger technologies might change the hospitality industry, experts are starting to share details of what could be effective use cases in distribution and hotel loyalty.

April 2018

4In the Hotel Room of the Future, Technology Will Simplify Things

By Magnus Friberg

Technology is continually evolving at a rapid pace, leaving industries eager to remain ahead of the advancements that continue to redefine their respective offerings and demands. Within the hospitality industry, we see hotels investing in new technology to meet emerging guest expectations and define what the hotel room of the future looks like.

5Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success

By Jeff Zabin

Note: The following is an excerpt from the new Starfleet Research report "Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success" (now available for complimentary access):When it comes to hotel operations, no times are more interesting than these, to borrow that oft-quoted Chinese curse (or blessing, depending on your perspective): "May you live in interesting times.

March 2018

3Putting Your Hotel at the Forefront of Innovation

By Magnus Friberg

Of course, with all that is new and exciting, comes the question: How does a hotel stay at the forefront of the movement? How can a hotelier capitalize on this evolution to maximize their offerings and subsequent revenue model? More than anything, how can you continuously put your hotel at the forefront of innovation with ideas that can make you stand out from the competition and keep guests coming back?Luckily, we have the answer(s) for you.

4Death to PMS Interface fees!

Martin Reichenbach

If the industry agrees that this shouldn't be such a hassle, why is it still a pain? The reason lies with the legacy Property Management Systems (PMS) which still dominate the market. They are closed, monolithic, and often unwilling to work with third-party tools.

5Unique Revenue Types in the Vacation Rental Industry

By Richard Evans

The answer lies in the unique "revenue types" vacation rentals often charge.I'll discuss them below. Typical charges used in the industry include, but are not limited to:Housekeeping Fees from guestsDamage Insurance Fees from guestsCredit Card Fees from guestsMaintenance Fees & Profit from homeownersManagement Fees charged homeownersFor this analysis I'll use a fictitious 100 home vacation rental company that realizes a 72% occupancy, a $250 Average Daily Rate and an annual Average Length of Stay of 3.