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April 2018

3In the Hotel Room of the Future, Technology Will Simplify Things

By Magnus Friberg - CEO & President of Zaplox

Technology is continually evolving at a rapid pace, leaving industries eager to remain ahead of the advancements that continue to redefine their respective offerings and demands. Within the hospitality industry, we see hotels investing in new technology to meet emerging guest expectations and define what the hotel room of the future looks like.

4Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success

By Jeff Zabin - Research Director at Starfleet Research

Note: The following is an excerpt from the new Starfleet Research report "Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success" (now available for complimentary access):When it comes to hotel operations, no times are more interesting than these, to borrow that oft-quoted Chinese curse (or blessing, depending on your perspective): "May you live in interesting times.

5PMS Vendors, Tear Down This Wall!

While it is an obvious over-exaggeration to compare Ronald Reagan's famous "Tear Down This Wall" speech to a proverbial technology wall, hotel technology does come with many barriers. The barriers that property management systems have created (installation fees, long sales cycles, integration costs, long wait times for upgrades) leave hotels stuck with clunky, expensive software that doesn't always address their guests needs.

March 2018

38 Vital Email Marketing Tips for a Successful Hospitality Industry Campaign

By Gloria Kopp - Head of Digital Marketing Department at Eliteassignmenthelp

In fact, it's far easier to market your business to a subscriber or existing customer than it is to seek out new ones who you'll need to convince to trust your business. To give you a helping hand on how email marketing can benefit your hospitality business here are eight essential tips you need to know.

4Putting Your Hotel at the Forefront of Innovation

By Magnus Friberg - CEO & President of Zaplox

Of course, with all that is new and exciting, comes the question: How does a hotel stay at the forefront of the movement? How can a hotelier capitalize on this evolution to maximize their offerings and subsequent revenue model? More than anything, how can you continuously put your hotel at the forefront of innovation with ideas that can make you stand out from the competition and keep guests coming back?Luckily, we have the answer(s) for you.

February 2018

3The Value of Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

By Jordan Jones - Social Media Manager of Stonebridge Companies

In 1991 there was no way of foreseeing the impact that social media would have on the industry. Presently, 2.3 billion people are active on social media, and that number increases daily. Companies should no longer debate having a social media presence but rather HOW to utilize the various platforms to increase the experience for your guests and value for your hotels.

5Why a Mobile Cloud PMS is a Perfect Fit for Independent Collections, Groups, and Brands

By Jos Schaap - Founder and CEO of StayNTouch

When was the last time you gave your hotel a makeover? I'm not referring to the property itself; rather, the internal systems you have in place to maximize critical day-to-day efficiency. After all, ensuring you have a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly hotel property management system (PMS) in place can, in many ways, make or break the success of your hotel.

January 2018

4Why Luxury Hotel Brands are getting into the Vacation Rental Business in 2018

By Richard B. Evans - President of Revenue Report Card LLC & Author of "the Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals"

No one can argue with "the numbers" and decreased market share.With Vacation Rentals continuing to be on rise, hotel executives are taking a long hard look at the Vacation Rental business. Traditional hotels are far from extinction, yet numbers drive executives and solutions need to be found to counter the erosion.

December 2017

3Your Holiday SEO Checklist

By Sophie Tremblay - Digital Marketing Specialist at Net Affinity

Hotels have a lot to gain during the Christmas season with everything from voucher sales, to Christmas parties, holiday stays and more. It is important that your hotel website takes this into consideration and ensures it will be present and ready for the holiday rush.

42017: Hurricane Irma and the importance of guest communication

By Danielle Reisman Moses - Content and Social Media Manager at Guesty

We have all seen elements of the hospitality industry stepping up and providing shelter for those who have needed it, and we've witnessed some lovely examples of kindness, compassion and care. The importance of good hospitality and providing exemplary guest experience is most important in times of crisis and need.

5Hotel Maintenance Department: How to Optimise It

By Lillian Connors - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

Such an element is the hotel maintenance department. This back-of-the-house team is rarely seen, but it's their work, dedication and skills what keep the hotel going. They are the ones that support the core business and improve everyone's safety but they also do their best to improve the establishment's energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

November 2017

3Hotel Room: Things that Matter Most to Your Guests

By Lillian Connors - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

Actually, judging by PwC's Consumer Intelligence Series Report on hotel brand loyalty, room quality is the number one reason for choosing a hotel, for both business and leisure travellers. This doesn't necessarily mean a Jacuzzi or a saltwater aquarium in the room, but the basics that you provide should look and feel luxurious.

4The 2017 State of Digital Transformation

By Brian Solis - Principal Analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet co.

Digital transformation is more than a buzz word even though it has definitely achieved that status. In reality, digital transformation is one of the most promising business movements modernizing constructs and models for a digital economy.

5Redefining Customer Loyalty in 2018

By Yunny Byun - Business Development Associate at Novility

Every benefit of loyaltyHoteliers have strived for and nurtured, not only contemporary but a future connection with guests. No wonder, having a loyal customer base creates a virtuous circle. Foremost, it is proven in numerous studies that the cost of retaining an existing customer is lower than the acquisition of a new.

October 2017

2OTAs vs Hotels: The Age-Old Battle Over Online Booking

By Dan Lawrence - Head of Marketing at MicroMetrics

While OTAs and hotels seem at odds with each other, they both have one important thing in common: their dedication to the customer-- or more specifically the guest. In regards to online booking, there are important and striking differences between how the two cater to the guest-- which has resulted in OTAs seemingly dominated the online booking market.

3Three Customer Service Rules That You Need to Follow Correctly

By Katie Scheer - Vice President at ProSolutions

All too often we witness employees that do just enough in their customer service efforts, but this is not enough when you're trying to win loyal customers. For example, there are popular rules of "delivering good customer service" that nearly every company attempts to implement, but their employees do the minimum in their execution and upholding of these rules.

4Using Agile Marketing in 2018 to Maximize Results, While Minimizing Risk

By Alan Young - President of Puzzle Partner Ltd.

It's no secret -- the process of building out your 2018 business plan and marketing strategy can, more often than not, feel like gambling. Are you going to wager all your chips (marketing dollars) on black or red, odd or even? Should you make a high bet, or an inside bet? What happens if your bet is a bust? Did you just gamble away the potential success of your business or product?What if we told you that you could minimize that perceived risk, while maximizing results? Typically, the missteps experienced in marketing strategies (especially those specific to content marketing) stem from the misunderstanding of preferred content streams and social platforms popularly used by the target consumer, their core values and their subsequent buying behaviors and motivation(s).

September 2017
August 2017

1Innovation in luxury hospitality

By Suzanne Godfrey - Guest lecturer at EHL

In the final article of our series of pieces on luxury hospitality based on interviews with leading hoteliers in Paris, Suzanne Godfrey argues that luxury has always been about innovation.True luxury has always been at the forefront of innovation.

33 Innovative loyalty programs to be inspired by

By Stuart Dickinson - Freelance journalist, copywriter and media developer

An Accenture study revealed that it is becoming more difficult to retain loyal customers, with 61% of consumers switching some or all of their business to a different brand within the last year. This means that hoteliers need to look into tailoring far more personalised loyalty programs that really speak to your guests and provide the value they want.

5The Four Pillars of Hospitality Technology

By Larry Mogelonsky - Owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited and the founder of LMA Communications Inc.,

Nowadays, hoteliers are so inundated with technology that the tasks of prioritization and selection have become far more than just daunting; research and procurement are practically a job title unto themselves! Unless you have specific objectives with a firm plan and budget in mind, you'll easily be intimidated by the sheer myriad of options for consideration.

July 2017

3Will Blockchain Technology put Airbnb, Expedia, and Priceline out of business?

By Frank Wolfe - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at HFTP

Here are some of the points that the industry audience should find useful:What is Blockchain Technology (BT)?"The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

4Revenue and cost strategies for boutiques, independents

By Robert A. Rauch, CHA - President of RAR Hospitality

Let's look at the revenue components of an independent hotel. A savvy sales team can make or break your hotel as group business generally books well in advance to provide the ideal base business. Without the power of a brand sales team and the tools that they provide, your independent hotel's sales efforts need to ensure that they are utilizing the right channels to effectively capture transient demand.

5Service and Reputation Go Hand in Hand: Tech Suppliers and Hotels Need to Work Together

By Jos Schaap - Founder and CEO of StayNTouch

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." Warren Buffett"Reputation is only a candle, of wavering and uncertain flame, and easily blown out, but it is the light by which the world looks for and finds merit.

June 2017

15 Hotel marketing tips for better Google search results

By Stuart Dickinson - Freelance journalist, copywriter and media developer

While bringing in website traffic certainly is one of Google's most important functions, it's not the only way hoteliers can leverage success from the search giant.Google offers a variety of different services that can help hotel marketers expand their reach, increase online visibility, and ultimately improve their business - and better yet, they're easy to implement and most won't cost you a cent.

5Hotel restaurants - the next boom trend for hospitality technology?

By Matthew Stubbs - CEO, BookingTek

People of all ages are embracing the dining experience, close to home and on vacation. Hotels can capitalize on this right now - but only if they have the right technology and strategy.Dining out is a vital part of the travel experience Over the last five years, eating out locally has become part of our daily lives.

May 2017

1How Artificial Intelligence will change the Hospitality Industry

By Michael Toedt - Managing Partner and CEO at TS&C GmbH

More Individuality through Big DataArtificial Intelligence is a key element of Big Data - also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The rational behind is simple and complex at the same time: to find out as much as possible about a customer by using comprehensive data management to then use the insights in order to meet the customer's individual needs.

2So Many Hotel Software Systems, So Little Time: How to Choose the Best PMS for Your Needs and Budget

By Jos Schaap - Founder and CEO of StayNTouch

It's a jungle out there! The jungle of different hotel software solutions has grown very thick, and the competition between vendors on who has the best solution has hardened.In the vendor section of Hospitality Upgrades' online portal, there are 15 property management systems from which to choose.

4The hotel room of the future

By Stuart Pallister - Associate Director, Lausanne Hospitality Research Center

Nowadays, we have wi-fi, a telephone and probably a flat-screen TV. But as hotel guests become increasingly tech-savvy, they are likely to expect to have the latest technology on hand.According to EHL strategy professor Achim Schmitt, hotel rooms all seem pretty similar these days: they have a bed, a bathroom, a TV and a small desk.

5Optimizing your online channels: 9 proven ways to make OTAs work for you

By Fig Cakar - Managing Director - the Americas, SiteMinder

Like Google, OTAs have their own algorithms to determine how hotels rank on their website. I would know; I worked at one for many years.And, while I (or anyone else) could never profess to understand the complete math behind hotel rankings on OTAs, it should come as no surprise that hotels that generate larger revenue for OTAs will almost always earn themselves a higher spot.

April 2017

2An Overview of Hotel Management Contracts in Europe

By Sophie Perret - Director at the HVS London office. By By

While hotel lease contracts have traditionally been very popular in Europe and continue to be preferred or required by many institutional investors, management contracts have become increasingly prevalent as many other investors have sought to share further in their hotel's trading profit and, at the same time, most major international hotel operators have become far less willing to offer leases.