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Hotel investment strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa evolve, as hotel trading gradually improves - JLL Reports

The report confirms expectations for hotel trading to remain under pressure during the balance of 2018 and in 2019, as new rooms continue to be absorbed into the market. Nijnens said that despite a muted trading environment in many markets, there is evidence that well placed, distributed, branded, and developed products can consistently outperform the market.

Hotel Industry - Q4 2018 and Beyond

By Bob Rauch - President of RAR Hospitality

Baumohl's concerns include President Trump, cyber warfare, geopolitical threats and a real need for corporate agility that is currently not in place, especially as it relates to cyber warfare. He indicated that pay is not keeping up with inflation, spending is fading, oil prices are increasing, delinquency rates are up and millennials are risk averse.