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CLEANtracker Technology Gives Hotel Guests Confidence with Certainty of Cleanliness via Dynamic Visual Proof in the Palm of Their Hands

A psychological point demonstrated in most horror films, is that fear exacerbates distrust in others. Although the hotel industry is striving to implement stringent hygiene initiatives to protect guests, it is the diminished trust caused by fear of an invisible virus that is the final challenge hotels face in cementing guest confidence.

Horizon Properties Group Maintains Business Continuity with Aptech’s PVNG During CV19

PITTSBURGH - "I came onboard Horizon Properties Group in late 2015 and started to review cloud-based hotel accounting software systems. This was three years before the CV19 difficulty began. When we deployed Aptech's PVNG Enterprise Accounting this February we did not plan for a pandemic, but PVNG has been instrumental in our business continuity because now we can oversee financial performance and effectively manage operations remotely," said Joshua M.