React Mobile

React Mobile was established with the singular goal to help people in times of distress. The React Mobile enterprise safety platform helps people in emergencies reach the widest network possible when it matters most. React Mobile's solutions centre around widespread emergency alerting and offering industry-leading indoor and outdoor location sharing to reduce emergency response times.

Stand-Alone LTE Panic Button

The React Mobile Stand-Alone LTE panic button is an all-in-one solutioncapable of protecting employees both on and off property without theneed for a tethered smart device. Our stand-alone panic button has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a robust,simple wearable device that staff can access quickly and discreetly to call for help when assistance is needed.

Swiss Approval International

Hospitality is the strong and historically important business story for Swiss Approval International.The first Hospitality Standard was issued in 2012, under the name Medical Tourism Friendly Hotel (MTFH). In December 2014, a New International Standard, named HSTAR1, related to Guest’s safety for Hospitality premises, massive gatherings’ organisers and hotels’ certification was published, under copyright by Swiss Approval International.


TraknProtect revolutionizes hotel operations by providing a robust technical and flexible infrastructure that allows hoteliers to leverage various IoT solutions without implementing redundant, disparate technologies. Specifically, we help hotels track back-of-house inventory, room service trays and vendors on their property and additionally provide safety buttons to their housekeepers with just a single platform that has the capability to add to other solutions.