Knowingli, a division of Puzzle Partner, is a market research agency focused on delivering intelligence that fuels smart business strategies, content, marketing, and sales. With access to over 40,000 data points, 22 million panelists, across over 46 countries, as well as custom survey-led research capabilities, we help companies across all industries to grow their business with better insights into their customers, prospects, trends, and emerging market demands.

Notifications & Promotions

Keeping track of which guests have stayed onsite on a daily basis and provide properties will tools to send notifications on outbreaks during their stay. In case of a reported infection OKKAMI will provide tools to send out alerts to guests via, app, email and messaging channels alerting them that during the dates they stayed another guest was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Puzzle Partner Ltd.

Puzzle Partner is a marketing agency focused exclusively on the complex B2B initiatives of technology innovators across industries including hospitality, travel, healthcare, life sciences, pharma, media and entertainment. We take a brand-centric approach to developing messaging and building integrated communications programs, with services that include public relations, thought leadership content creation, digital marketing, branding, and lead generation.